Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of plastic and rubber and consists of different oils. The main ingredient of TPE is natural or synthetic rubber. It is a relatively new material in the production of sex dolls, but due to its favorable properties, it is very popular with manufacturers and customers. At the moment, the majority of sex dolls are made of thermoplastic rubbers. 

The reason for this is the low price and the realistic feeling of tpe sex dolls' skin. It is characterized by its velvety soft surface and the fact that it immediately returns to its original shape after being stretched. This makes tpe sex dolls feel very flexible and allows them to assume many sex positions without any problems.

With tpe sex dolls, the focus is on realism in the way they feel. You will notice immediately during every lovemaking session with tpe sex dolls when the soft material of the breasts and bottom moves rhythmically. To improve sex with tpe sex dolls, you can take advantage of the uncomplicated heat absorption of the TPE.

Tpe sex dolls advantages

TPE is a very soft material. If you buy tpe sex dolls, you can look forward to particularly sensitive sex.

Due to the nature of the material, tpe sex dolls are elastic and still look very natural in multiple sex positions.

TPE skin retains heat quickly and for a long time, making it feel very human.

They are cheaper than silicone sex dolls, and there is a wide range of different models to choose from

Tpe sex dolls disadvantages

Because of their delicate material, tpe sex dolls get stained or damaged more easily.

If you want to buy tpe sex dolls, you have to expect that it sometimes feels a little sticky, but this can be remedied with baby powder.

It is very high maintenance and needs to be cleaned and cared for regularly so that you can have fun with it for a long time.